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engine power

 when running up echo machines , never seem to reach  maximum revs. engine sounds restricted ,if it was an old machine you would think the exhaust was choked. tried tuning the carb but all machines are the same so guess its the way they are set up..just doing a pdi on a cs 310-es maximum revs are 8900 cover says please.

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After just signing up for dealerknowledge, I was wondering if the above topic got answered, as it doesn't look like it to me?

If it did, how does this forum work? 

We've have the same problem with some Echo machines not running correctly at PDI. If you speak to service they will email you the Echo service manual and updates for carbs, tools and carb setting. We use this regularly at PDI to cure the problem!

PS.. does anyone have problems with PAS and HCAS hedge trimmer loop handle loose out of the box?

Echo are aware of this but no yet...

Have you got a list of echo H & L Revs on all echo chainsaw & blowers etc.

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